Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary Card!

Hey Everyone,
How's it going today?? All is good here!! So today's card is one that I completed 9/5/2012. So last year, I went to several different fairs. I must say I did have lots of fun! I went to a Fair a few towns over to watch my cousin perform. He's trying to make it into the country music industry and I had yet to see him perform because I watch my nieces. A couple of days after the fair, I got to seem him play again down the road from me at a winery!! Then I went to my local State Fair 4 times lol. The first time, I got to go to a Bret Michaels Concert for free. It was totally awesome!! : ) The only concerts I had ever been to was when I was little and that was two Aerosmith Concerts. (Mom is a huge Aerosmith fan) Anyway, the Bret Michaels Concert was really good and he was a awesome performer. The only thing that would have made the concert better, would have been if my sister was there. She wanted to go so bad, but wasn't able to go because she didn't have a babysitter. Bret however said he was coming back, so my sister and I have plans to attend this year together and get some VIP passes.
Then the next time I went to the Fair I went with my mom and cousins we walked the Midway a few times and we were gone by 9:30, but we visited with each other till 2:30 in the morning. LOL I never stay out that late, it was different but I had fun! Then I went with my Sister and Brother in Law. I feel bad because that was their only oppourtunity to go. After being there maybe an hour it started pouring down rain, so we had to leave. My niece though got to ride 3 rides before the rain, so she had some fun. Then I went to the Fair with my dad and it was partially raining. Still had fun though.

Anyway at the first Fair I went to my cousin Justin asked me if I would make him a card for his Anniversary. I've never really did a card by request it's normally something I make for someone else. So I said yeah and ask him what he was wanting and the colors and that stuff. He described that she liked flowers, peace signs, neon colors, and he wanted to incorporate both their favorite colors. (Light green and hot orange) I guess you could say I had Artists block or something because at first I was stuck and didn't know what to do. The colors threw me off and his description of what he wanted. Eventually, though I had an idea. I figured I'd make a beetlebug car and put orange flowers on it. The tires I put little peace sign with flowers in it. In the end it turned out ok or so he said.

 Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. : )

~Amanda~ : )

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