Friday, April 19, 2013

Dad's Birthday Card!!

Hey Everyone,
I Hope everyone is doing good today!! I completed this card 10/3/12!  So in October I have back to back birthdays!! My dad's birthday was on a Wednesday, my niece Brooklyn's Birthday was three  days after that and my brother's fiancee's daughters birthday was 4 days after that. So by the end of the week, I'm partied out. And this year my brother is getting married in between on those birthdays. LOL
With that being said I've been creating lots of cards the past few days. I didn't really know what to make for my dad, so I decided I would make a nature scene and put some deer in it.
I had some mountains in the background with snow on them. Then I made the sun and tried to ink the sky to make it look like the sun was setting. Then I created a little hunters' cabin beside a little stream. I made the whole scene a snowy scene. Lastly, I put two little deer in the picture. Then I added buttons and chalked the edges of the card in green. I showed the card to my three year old niece and she said it looked like a Christmas card. LOL She said it was Santa's house. Gotta love her!! I hope you like it. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog.

~Amanda~ : )

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