Thursday, April 25, 2013

Batman and Robin Tutus!!


Hey Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a good Thursday out there!! : ) So today's project I am showing you is a Batman and Robin tutu I completed 10/28/12. So I started this project last August and didn't finish it till a couple days before Halloween. The easy part was making the tutu's, the hard part was making and adhearing the logo to them. This was my first time making any tutu, but it  won't be my last. : )
So, I asked my Niece what she wanted to be for Halloween and she said she wanted to be a superhero princess. I got on Pinterest and typed that in and some superhero costumes popped up. I decided to go with Batman and Robin because they were sidekicks.
For Robin, I got a red waffle crocheted tutu top and then got green tulle for the skirt part. Then I took some yellow ribbon and tied it around the middle. I also took smaller yellow ribbon and weaved it in and out at the top. For the Robin logo, I cut out a Circle on the cricut and glittered the circle black. Then I cut out an R and glittered it yellow. I tied some green tulle at the top to make the arm sleeves.
For Batman, I got a black waffle crocheted tutu top and I used black and yellow tulle for the skirt. Then I tied yellow ribbon around the middle. I also made a black bat and glittered it and used a hair clip to attach the bat to the yellow ribbon in the middle. Then for the Batman logo I cut yellow fabric in an oval shape and sewed it to the tutu top. (The Very Hard Part because of the stretchy waffle top) Then I cut a black bat and glittered it and glued it to the yellow fabric. For the sleeves I used black tulle at the top. My niece wanted a tiara so I cut out a black crown on the cricut and glittered it black. Then hand cut out a bat and glittered it yellow. I then put some black crystal embellishments on it as well.
 My nieces loved them and loved twirling around in them. This year my niece wants me to make her a tangled tutu for Halloween. She also wants to have a tangled Birthday Party!! So look for more tutu's in the future lol. I hope you enjoyed my Halloween tutu's. I have two projects left from last year to show you guys. One is by me and the other my sister made!! Stay tuned!! Thanks for taking the time to view my blog!! : )


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