Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bret Micheals Birthday Card!

Hey Everyone,
I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic Thursday!! Today I'm going to share my sister's birthday card, I made for her last year. I completed this card 9/16/2012. So for about a month or so before her birthday we had been joking with each other about a Bret Micheals Bear, so I decided to make her a card with him on it.
So I made a tear bear and cut out a little cross on the cricut and blinged it out on his cowboy hat and shirt. My sister loves the color green, so I went with a green theme. At the bottom I made green flames. I blinged out the Happy Birthday in glitter and then chalked the edges with ink. So originally I made the bear without the blonde hair, but I asked my dad what I should do he said to put the blonde hair on the bear. So the first pic is without and the second is with. Personally, I'm not feeling the hair. LOL I hope you enjoyed my card today. I have about 7 projects to show you before I get to the stuff I've made in 2013.  Thanks for taking the time to view my blog!! Which bear did you prefer the hair or no hair??

~Amanda~ : )

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