Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Breast Cancer Scrapbook page!!

Hey Everyone,

Ok my next project is a project that I did last May 4, 2012.  My sister called me up on a Monday Night and asked me if I could do a favor for her and my brother in law. There was a girl that use to work at O'Charley's with my brother in law and she ended up getting Breast cancer. She has stage 4 and she can't afford her medical bills, so the O'Charley's that he works at put together a Yardsale/Silent Auction/Bakesale for her. So my sister wanted me to make a scrapbook layout, but I only had till that Thursday at noon to get it done. She asked if I thought I could get it done and I said yah. So I had to rush and put together a layout when I wasn't watching my nieces. So I literally got done on Thursday at like 12:15. It was not what I would have wanted it to look like because I wasn't feeling the shades of pink that I found at Hobby Lobby. I guess you can say I'm a detail oriented person because it didn't have enough omphh for me. So they took it over and put it in the Silent Auction. 
The layout says Fight like a girl and features one of my handmade tear bears. I made her a boxer bear with boxing gloves like she is fighting Breast Cancer.
I have another project that I made last May for Mother's Day and I'll post that tomorrow.  Thanks for taking the time to view my blog.

~Amanda~ : )

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