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What I did to lose weight!!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

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11/4/09 Me and my Niece!


As I mentioned in a previous post I have lost 134 pounds in the past 3 almost 4 years. I started my weight loss journey May 5th 2009 and I've maintained it since. I wanted to explain what I did to lose weight, in case it helps someone else out there. : )
As I mentioned before I could not and would not have been able to do it, if it wasn't for God. He truly inspired me and motivated me to shed the weight and I will be grateful forever.
That first day May 5th, I did my first exercise to start the journey. I started that night with lunges. I think it's called a standing lunge. LOL not sure. Anyway, I did 25 of those for each leg. Let me tell you days later my body felt that one. I think I did a little bit to much at once. I wasn't able to move much or anything. So, the next time I did it, I decided I would do 10 per leg. That was a bit better. Still sore, but able to function.
Another thing that I did was cut back on Soda. That was one of my main problems. You see I could drink a bunch of soda. Like a 32 ounce from a famous fast food chain in like a minute. So I down sized my soda intake to take myself off. What I did was limited myself to two sodas a day. One soda at lunch and one at Supper. After doing this a few weeks, I did it again, but only allowed myself to drink one soda at supper. After a few weeks, I did it again, but was only allowed myself to drink soda whenever I ate out on Fridays. Then I stopped all together. I drink about 6 or 8 big glasses of water each day.
I was so excited and was turning to God thanking him so much for everything that he was doing for me. He was the one that was providing me with the motivation to keep going. I couldn't have did it without him.
Along the journey, I decided to take pictures of my face to watch the progress. At first I was not seeing anything, but as the weeks went by you could start to see a slight difference here and there.
 When you lose weight at first no one notices and sometimes you might not even notice yourself. That's why it's important to take the pictures or journal. That way you can go back and reflect on the things that you went through or what you use to look like.

As the summer went by, I continued doing lunges. I did walking lunges about 10 per each leg. I would do some leg kicks and leg lifts. I would do all sorts of leg exercises. I also did 25-50 situps and did multiple variations.

As far as diet, I try to choose healthy choices. For meats, I would choose Chicken, turkey or extra lean ground beef. I would also try to incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well. When I made meals I would try to replicate recipes I would normally do, but I would incorporate turkey instead of ground beef. If I used ground beef, I would use extra lean ground beef. So for example, if I made Spaghetti I would use ground turkey and for the noodles I would use wheat noodles. I can't really taste the difference between the healthy stuff and the real stuff. I like to get my recipes from under the healthy section or search online for the biggest loser recipes. I try to look for the low calorie recipes online. I like my food with lots of flavor, so I use a lot of spice.

The pics above are some of my progress pics that I took while I was losing weight.

Thanks for joining or looking at my blog!!
~Amanda~ : )

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