Monday, March 25, 2013

Pirate Birthday Card!

Hello Bloggers,

So I've been going back and showing projects I've completed in 2011. This one was completed 7/13/2011. I made this Pirate Card for my 7 year old Nephew's Birthday!! He is just too cute and I love him so much. My sister and I got him a Pirates of the Caribbean game for his birthday, so I decided to go with a pirate theme card.
 I think it turned out so super cute. He's a tear bear. LoL I loved the little peg leg. It ended up being a really tall card, but I had to do it to fit the pirate on there. Then I dotted the I in Gavin with a skull I thought it was a cute pirate touch. I chalked most of the stuff to give it that dirty pirate look.

Happy Birthday is the Gypsy wanderings cart
Gavin is the Platin Schoolbook font
The skull is from Indie Art Cartridge
Pirate is handmade and chalked by me

I hope you all enjoyed the project. And thanks for looking!!

~Amanda~ : )

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