Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thank You Card!!


Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone out there is doing good today? I'm doing pretty fantastic here!! So today I'm sharing a card I completed 7/23/2011. I made it for one of my dad's bosses. I truly believe she is an angel on Earth. She is always giving and helping people in need. It seems as if when we are in need of something she knows, but yet we didn't tell her. I hope everyone of you has someone like that in your life, or you try to be that someone to others. Giving is such a powerful thing and such a selfless act.
She adores dogs, so I decided I would make a thank you card incorporating dogs.
 I used different shades of browns with the cardstock. I also swiss dotted a layer in the cuttlebug. I also cut out little paw prints on every corner. And the dog is a little tear puppy that I handmade. I used my Martha Stewart punch. I used ribbons with little doggy bones on it. On the dog I made a collar and put a little swarvoski crystal dangling to make it look like a dog tag!! When we gave it to her she loved it and said she was going to frame it and put it on her wall. It felt great to make her a card because she's always giving. I know the card is nothing compared to what she has did, but it was my way of showing her that we appreciate everything she has did. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog!! I hope you enjoyed the card!!
~Amanda~ : )

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