Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Card!!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day yesterday!! Yesterday happened to be my Birthday, so I had a pretty busy weekend, so I didn't get a chance to upload this pic. So I wanted to tell you guys a funny story. So my sister threw me a birthday party and invited family over. Well she realized yesterday morning that she didn't get candles, so I told her I would pick some up after church. I bought a package of some white candles. Well my sister was doing dishes and asked me to set out the cake and put the candles in it. I looked at the candle package and saw it said relight candle. I thought it meant you can use them again. lol so it comes time for me to blow out the candles and everytime I blow them out they relight lol I'm like ok what is going on and finally I'm able to get them to blow out. I looked at the package afterwards and notice the word magic. My family was laughing hysterically and when they found out I bought them for myself they really laughed. It was a pretty funny moment.

Here's the Mother's Day card I made. I used the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cartridge for the background. Ok I was having some serious issues  with the cricut the night I made this. I couldn't get Happy Mother's Day to cut no matter how I tried. I tried Best Mom like 5 times and it wouldn't cut. It just kept ripping when it was cutting. I need a new mat, more glue and a sharp blade I guess. Then I used the Flower Shoppe Cartridge for the flowers. I made the card in shades of yellow and purple. I like those colors together. I hope you like the card!! Thanks for viewing my blog!!

~Amanda~ : )

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